Improve Your Communication by Not Interrupting

Listening handshakeAmericans frequently interrupt others in their conversations. It’s a bad habit for many of us, and it has to do with one
simple thing. We interrupt because we are afraid that we will not get a chance to say what we want to say.

In most cases, you can establish groundrules with your co-workers, loved ones and customers. You might consider saying something like “I want to give you my complete attention because what you’re saying is important. So I’m going to let you talk and I’ll listen, and when you’re done, I’ll give you my thoughts. Is that OK with you?”

Most people are delighted you want to give them your undivided attention! I’ve spoken to thousands of people and I often do active listening exercises in my speeches and trainings. Invariably, people say it is a huge relief to be heard.  And some realize that they really have
not been good listeners before. So now is the time to start.
Set the guidelines, listen, don’t interrupt, and watch the quality of your communication improve dramatically!

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