Two Things That Shorten Your Life

Stop Sitting So Much & Cut Down on TV 

 According to an article in US Today, if you spent less than 3 hours a day sitting, it would add 2 years to your life.  And if you reduced your TV watching to less than to 2 hours a day, you could add another 1.4 years to your life.  Sitting is linked to diabetes, heart disease and stroke.  About half of the US reports sitting for 6 or more hours a day and 65% spend more than 2 hours a day watching TV.


New research presented at the American Institute for Cancer Research Conference reported that sedentary behavior is linked to breast and colon cancer.  Being sedentary (sitting) for long periods of time without moving increases inflammation (a leading cause of disease.)

The solution: set a timer for every hour.  Get up, move, walk around, look at nature, drink 8 ounces of clean water and connect with another human being. It could make a huge difference to your health.


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