Ignite your sales

Fire Up! Your Sales with These Quick Tips

Never push a prospect- add value.
Never force or manipulate- demonstrate listening and caring.

1.Truly listen to your customers
We recently used a discount coupon for more balmanlisteningLRlroom dance lessons. Afterwards, it’s customary for teachers to do an upsell to commit you to a longer program.   I told our teacher EXACTLY what I wanted.  To my astonishment, when we sat down at the studio, he had written word for word what I  had said. And they gave it to us, along with flowers for me.  WOW- kudos to Markus Thiesen and Ester Dittert of A Social Affair- outstanding service.  And of course we signed up!

2. Use stories and customer testimonials – .  Give examples of real people who have had a problem you solved. Tell the truth. And use customer testimonials to back up your stories. Always get written permission.

3. Overcome objections by raising them yourself.
You know what  people object to and what the issues are. Overcome them by demonstrating why the objection is not valid, or how you have resolved it.  Show you think like they do.

4. Have genuine enthusiasm for your products or service. Genuine enthusiasm-  is rare and contagious.  Get Fired Up! about what you are sharing and keep that top of mind. Your Fire will spread and ignite theirs.

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