Do You Know Your Life Purpose?

girlcheerinwheelchairLRIn many studies done over the past decade, the research has shown that those people who are happiest have a deep sense of purpose and meaning in their lives, whether from their work, their volunteerism, family or culture.

Purpose can be a tough concept for some.  For others, it is easy.  Here's a quick exercise from my book Fired Up! that originated with Jack Canfield. I have his permission to share it with you.

Your Life Purpose Worksheet

Step 1 List your best and most unique qualities.
Which two qualities truly reflect who you are and for which you’d most like to be remembered? Underline these two.

Step 2 List several ways you enjoy expressing or sharing those two qualities. Use action verbs with “ing” endings. Underline your two favorite forms of expression.

Step 3 Describe your version of an ideal world.

Step 4 Combine the three steps above into one sentence that summarizes your life purpose.

Ex. I am empowering and inspiring others with my love and joy so that everyone contributes for the greatest benefit of all in a peaceful world.

Ex. I am choreographing and dancing with grace and beauty inspiring others to appreciate their health and the health of the world. 

Try this exercise yourself and find ways to live your purpose more often.  You'll definitely be happier.


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