International Fired Up Month

October is International Fired Up Month!

“The real secret of success is enthusiasm.” – Walter Chrysler

International Fired Up month

Celebrated from Oct.1-31, this month focuses on motivation and enthusiasm in the workforce, where people learn what gets them Fired Up! and incorporate that into their lives.  The power of enthusiasm is critical to success and this month celebrates enthusiasm.  It is incredibly rare in the world. I created this month many years ago to focus on the good in our lives.

International Fired Up! month culminates with the 4th Sat. in October, International Make a Difference Day,  Oct. 22, 2016, created by USA Weekend. Annually, several million people participate. The power of volunteerism has long been proven to reduce stress and increase longevity. It also improves communication, gratitude and empathy.

Here’s how to to host a Fired Up! week at work or at school or in your community. Employees, students or community members can:

share inspirational quotes, stories and videos

maintain a daily success list of all you accomplish- every action you take, every call you make, every thought you follow through on is a success

share inspirational music, movies, books or stories (like Dolphin Tale, the Butler, the Blind Side)

share about their dreams and goals and ask for help and support

form Fired Up! Inspiration Circles™ where they support each other’s dreams and goals

track group and individual successes on a giant Fired Up! bulletin board/ victory wall.

Give special attention to it and make it a sincere effort.  Let others know you value them and encourage their positive attitude. This works especially well with salespeople- they love to see their great results posted. Employees and students who know they are valued as human beings are more loyal and productive.

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