Having the Confidence to Let Others Shine- Being Fired Up!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of watching the jazz saxophonist Marion Meadows perform at a live concert in Florida.  The performance was terrific, especially because of the incredible enthusiasm of the band members.  Sometimes, the star of the show dominates every number and every song so thoroughly that you hardly notice the other band members.  That was definitely not the case with Marion Meadows.

All three of his band members, a pianist named Will Brock, a base player nicknamed Chocolate Chip, and a drummer whose name I missed all played with such unbridled joy and authentic passion for the music. Their delight was absolutely contagious and it lit the audience on fire.  And Marion let them.  He showcased them. He gave Will an entire solo and smiled on as his friend took over the stage.  He applauded the solos of each musician and appreciated their talents.

That takes confidence.  It takes confidence to be the star and sit back and let others shine, too.  It says volumes about who he is as a person.  If you are well-seated in your talents and abilities, you know how great it is to promote others and let them have their day in the sun.  It’s generous and it’s the sign of someone who knows how to share the limelight.

What about you?  Where in your life can you take a step back and let others shine?

Who can you promote and rave about?  Who can you build up?  What employees, colleagues, friends or loved ones can you brag about and give an opportunity to?  We live in such a negative world where people criticize others so quickly.  It’s much healthier to encourage others, to help them know their own value and talents.  Have the confidence to let others shine and you will know the deep satisfaction of helping bring more light to the world.