Your Money or Your Life

You Can't Enjoy One without the Other

Lots of people have been hurt by the recession, and many people are scrambling to get more money, pay off debt and be financially secure.   I know what that fear and anxiety can be like, because I lived through it. Not long ago, my husband was underemployed and because of the recession, business was down.  We scrambled, took seminars, read books, cut expenses, etc.  I learned a number of things that helped us diversify our income streams and pay off debt. I'm deeply grateful that my husband now has a terrific job and business is good.

But I also learned one of the most important lessons from the death of both of my parents; one over 30 years ago and one a few weeks ago.  Money without health means very little.  There are plenty of wealthy, lonely, critically ill people who would give up every dollar to be fit, healthy, loved and vibrantly alive.

My mother suffered over 15 years before she died. What made her regain her will to live each time was seeing her two children and their love. A lifelong smoker, my dad had been ill for a few years. His lack of good health kept him homebound, when he had planned to travel. Sadly, he died just before Christmas. Their examples taught me to cherish my health, to be proactive and physically active, to take lots of vitamins and eat right.

Your health is critically important to your enjoying your life.  So while you're making money, take excellent care of your body. It’s easy to let take over your life. But what good is money if you can’t enjoy it?  Your family values you – the human being, not the moneymaker. The key is balance: stay fit and healthy so that you can enjoy the benefits of your hard work and be with loved ones.


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