Marketing Tip- How Often to Contact?

 Once Every 6 Weeks

Clients frequently ask me to create their marketing strategy and their marketing materials.  But I always want to know how they are going to implement the strategy and follow-up using the marketing materials.

One suggestion is to use the “once every 6 weeks” rule. With existing clients and prospects, be in front of them somehow, once every six weeks.  Communicate something of value, whether it’s an article you have written or read that is relevant to them, a phone call to check in on them, a birthday card, a newsletter, a brochure, a lunch date, an email update or ezine.  Stay in front of them once every six weeks and be of service.

Always provide value and give more of yourself each time.  And never burn bridges- you have no idea where that CEO will end up or that salesman you spurned will relocate.  It’s a very small world and you want everyone you touch to be better off from your interaction.

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