Get Fired Up! About Social Media

Make the Most of Your Posts

If you are one of the of people who regularly use social media to share information, here are a few tips to fire up! your social media and relieve stress from posting. (Learned some of this from Dan Zarella at Hubspot- thanks Dan.)

1. Complete the bio section on each social media platform. Include a photo, background info- anything you are willing to make public.  People trust more when they can learn about you and see your face.

2. Don’t overdo it and don’t crowd your content.  Posting 5 times within an hour is a waste.  It works much better to post once an hour during your heavily trafficked times. Find out what those are by using

3. Use keywords in your content to increase your search engine rankings.

4. Keep your article posts short and to the point without lots of flowery language and adjectives. The KISS method works best.

4. Always add value in your posts.  Make it about your followers.


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