Fire Up Your Business by Thinking Globally

Should You Be Doing Business Overseas?

Fire Up your business with global connectionsAs Thomas Friedman wrote, the world is increasingly flat. Recently, we entertained two dear friends from Nigeria. A day later, my husband spoke to 3 computer techs in Bangelore, India. Several of my friends and business associates from the Jacksonville, Fl. Chamber of Commerce leave for a trip to China next month. I just did a speaking engagement for a woman raised in Jamaica.

It truly is a small, small world. What does this mean for you and your business? First, consider whether you could be selling your goods and services to foreign locations. Next, evaluate whether there might be some strategic alliances you could form with overseas companies. And finally, consider the fact that leaders in the coming years will truly need to be multi-culturally competent. This may mean you need to invest in special training for your managers and executive team. Think progressively about the future- think globally. Build friends and alliances overseas; you never know what good things can happen!

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