Stress Relief Through Food- Eat Local

Stress Tip:  What You Eat Matters – Eat Local, Fresh, Whole


Fire Up your health and reduce stress with fruit and vegetablesWelcoa leader David Hunnicutt says one of the keys to better health is to eat local, as much as possible.  That means fresh food from your own garden, local farmers’ markets and your grocery store.  The more you dine out, the less control you have over pesticides, etc.  Eat whole foods, not processed foods, as they have very little nutritional value.  Up your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to 5-8 servings daily.

We’ve all heard this, but here’s why it’s true: they are chock full of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber.  Vitamin C has been shown to lower blood pressure and help cortisol levels return to normal.  Mix it up – try to eat several different colored fruit and veggies a day! Blackberries have more than double the amounts of vitamin C, calcium and magnesium than blueberries.  Both boost your memory and are great for you!  Choose organic ones to prevent pesticide ingestion.

Note: My husband and I started an organic container garden years ago. We grow fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and more.  There is nothing like the flavor of fresh picked vegetables!  And if you’re too busy, try picking up local produce at a farm stand, farmer’s market or farm co-op.  The fresher and the more local the food, the better and healthier for you.

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