What Lights Your Fire?

Get Fired Up! By Doing What You Love


When I wrote my first book, Fired Up!, in 1996, it was born from a deep seated passion. I truly believe there is a fire inside each of us that gets ignited when we do what we love.  And that fire spreads and is contagious, igniting the flames in others. That natural enthusiasm is rare. ?While Fired Up! is a practical how-to book, it is filled with stories of people who have succeeded in living their dreams. Because that is what encourages me. Every time I see someone go for it, really risk and take action on a their vision, it fires me up. Every time I hear a story of someone overcoming tremendous obstacles and thriving, I am uplifted.  Over 63,000 copies have been sold worldwide, and while that is humbling and exciting, it speaks to the power of dreams and inspiration.  What fires you up and helps take you to the next level?  Whatever it is, tap into it often to maintain your motivation in a sometimes cynical world.

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