Don’t Be a Spammer

 Get Permission to Send Emails

In today’s global market, smart businesses want to tap into the huge market on the Internet. Websites, ezines, blogs and webinars are just a few Internet vehicles for education and marketing.

Fire Up your business with global connectionsBut where you may run into trouble is in the grey area of SPAM. Recently, a client said he had access to 10,000 email names and could we send them all an e-blast postcard. The answer is very definitely NO! That would be considered SPAM and his website could be taken off the Internet. Why? E-marketing is only allowable if it is permission-based.

Everyone on my email newsletter list  signed up for this ezine either on line, by giving me your card to enroll you, or by attending one of my speeches and completing the ezine form. That’s permission, which you can revoke at any time by asking me to remove you from the list.

I have a privacy policy and never give out your email address to anyone ever.
You should have a similar policy.

Before you start any kind of email campaign, be sure you have proof of permission to send the email and be sure your recipients want to hear from you. Many use a double opt-in feature, which confirms they have signed up for your ezine. Provide education, good content, and high value and you have a win-win marketing strategy.

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