Trust Your Gut

Follow Your Intuition

brains communicatingLRAll of us have intuitive feelings- those gut instincts which warn you about someone or something.  Over the years, I have found that as we cultivate and appreciate our intuition, it can be a great source of wisdom and knowledge.

At one time, my husband had 120+ employees. Whenever his management team hired a new key employee, I heard something about the main applicants.  In the past decade, my gut warned me about three different individuals.  One created significant disturbance on the job.  Another left after only a few months.  And the third never even showed up to work.

My gut had been correct and now both my husband and I honor it.  Trust your intuition, act on it at work and at home.

Even if all you say is”  Something just doesn’t feel right about this- what do you think?” you give voice to your concerns and can often prevent serious problems later.  Trust your gut.


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