Did You Hear Me? Are You Listening?

When someone is speaking to you, do you stop what you’re doing and look them in the eye, giving them your full focus?  Most of us do not, because we’re multi-tasking.  This can be a big mistake if you want your co-workers and loved ones to feel valued and heard.  Focus on them, don’t do anything else, nod and don’t interrupt until they’re finished.  Most of us interrupt because we’re afraid we won’t get to say what we are thinking.  Let go of that and give them your total undivided attention.  Have open body language and demonstrate your interest by nodding.

Listening handshake

According to Peter Drucker, 60% of all business mistakes are the result of faulty listening. That’s a huge number- 60%! A little more time actively listening could make a huge difference.

Leo Buscaglia said “The greatest gift of loving is to listen.” Let others know you value and appreciate them by truly listening. It will strengthen your relationships at all levels.