Watch your Negative Self-Talk

BarbCorcoranStop Judging Yourself: Watch Your Negative Self-Talk

In a recent interview, Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank, real estate mogul and successful business woman, shared some of her life challenges.  As a child in a family of 10 in NJ, she was a delayed learner, and she is super-sensitive about being called “dumb” or “stupid.”  She says negative self-talk has limited her and also been a driving force.  She has retrained her brain to respond inside of herself when someone says she can’t do something or is rude or condescending.  She now says to herself ” I have a right to be here, just as much as you. I have a right to be successful.”

That’s a powerful way to respond to negativity.  It’s very important to be aware of what we say to ourselves, as most of us tend to judge ourselves very harshly. Our negative self-talk can be very destructive.  Instead, when you find yourself condemning yourself for something, do the following:

• Say “Stop” out loud.

• Forgive yourself

• Say something affirming instead, like Barbara’s statement , or “I can do better.” “I am an effective, successful person.”  “It’s OK, life goes on.”

The key is to change the language to be more positive and let it go- FAST!



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