Your Life is a Choice

Choose Wisely

Jack WhitingLRNot long ago, we celebrated my father-in- law’s 80th birthday in Boston.  A successful businessman who’s mostly retired, he’s a vital, vibrant man who has chosen to live life on his terms.  He plays tennis several times a week, square dances regularly and participates fully in the lives of his children and grandchildren. He has a keen mind, a loving heart, a positive attitude and is an inspiration to me and so many others. 
In contrast, I recently met a woman who has chosen to be miserable.  She focuses on the negative, consistently.  As we discussed families and I shared that my father had passed away a few years ago, she declared vehemently that whatever I had gone through, her experience was 10 times worse.  I wasn’t aware that is was a competition. How sad.  My heart went out to her, because she was so attached to her drama and negativity.
We can all get caught up in our drama and problems.  But is that truly where you want to put your focus?  What you focus on, you create more of.  I would rather create more joy, success, love and peace.  How about you?
“To win or lose,
To love or hate,
To try or quit,
To risk or withdraw,
To accelerate or hesitate,
To dream or stagnate,
To open or close,
To succeed or fail,
To live or die.
Everyone of these starts with a CHOICE.”

Snowden McFall


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