Stress Tip: Use Music to Relax & DeStress

It Can Also Fire You Up!

A 2006 Journal of Advanced Nursing study showed that listening to music one hour a day for a week reduced symptoms of depression by 25%.   Music, especially classical music, can also serve as a powerful stress-relief tool.  Listening to Pachelbel’s famous Canon in D major while preparing to speak publicly helps avoid anxiety and lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

I use different CD’s in the car.  When I need to get Fired Up!, I have energizing, upbeat music that empowers me.  Right now, it’s the soundtrack from Glee 3D.  When I need to relax, I listen to soft jazz and soothing instrumentals.  Try this yourself, especially if you spend hours in the car each day.  Make custom playlists on your MP3 player, for working out, for energizing you and for unwinding in traffic. It can even help you destress during the holidays!


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