The NO, NO, NO Woman

man yell into phoneLRRecently, I was shopping at a retail store which had a big sale.  (This was a week before Black Friday.) I had half an hour before my meeting and zipped in, found what I wanted and stood in a looonnnng line where only two cashiers were working. (Personal pet peeve- when you have a sale, staff up for it.)

While I was waiting, a woman was trying to return some pastry making items.  Very loudly, this older cashier said, “These caps don’t have a safety seal. ” The customer replied “They never had and they have not been opened.” The NO, NO, NO Woman said, “I have to call my supervisor,” which she did very loudly and said “This lady is returning pastry items with no safety seal.  Can we take them back?”  Want to guess what her boss said?

No. And then the NO, NO, NO woman proceeded to humiliate the poor customer further by shouting out- “No, we can’t take this back.”

The whole thing was completely unnecessary.  And unpleasant!  And time consuming.  I never did get to buy those items that morning, as the time exceeded what I had allotted before my meeting.

Lessons here:  Never put NO, NO, NO people in customer service.  NEVER humiliate the customer.  Don’t sell products that can’t be returned unless you notify people.  And find some YES employees.  Is it any wonder why some retailers are in trouble?????

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