The $ Pizza Man

A Unique Way to Give Back

This morning on  the Today Show,  they featured a gentleman named Mason who owns Rosa’s Pizzeria at 25 S 11th St Philadelphia, PA 19107.  What is extraordinary about Mason and Rosa’s is that they only charge $1 for a slice of pizza.  But even more extraordinary is that people tend to buy more than one slice and then leave a post it note for anyone else to get credit for a free slice.  This is designed to help the homeless have a chance to eat something healthy without begging.  The walls are covered with sticky notes and yet most people pay for others.

To date over 9000 pieces of pizza have been given out to those in need.

Each of us can make a difference in our own way.

Today I am setting up a ‘Dress for Success” event with Professional Women’s Council to help the Latina women of The Hill get back into the workforce.  We have clean, good condition suits, blouses, accessories and interview techniques to help them get jobs.  And tomorrow we will distribute them, with the goal of empowering these women with encouragement, confidence and lots of love.

Volunteering is a terrific way to relieve stress, to feel better about yourself and to make a difference in your community.

What will you do to make a difference?

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