Good Customer Service- NOT

AT & T Did Not Make This Customer Happy

Screaming man who is very stressed outHave you ever had the experience of dealing with someone where you just could not get anywhere and you were incredibly frustrated, maybe even furious? Enter AT&T business, whom I have used for decades.  When we moved to Florida , I set up my business account with them. In the spring, my plan expired.  I was exploring savings options and called them to see what they could do on pricing.

They quoted me one price, but when I got the bill, it was much higher. I called and inquired if there was some mistake and they said no, and that was the bill.

So I explored other options and found I could dave over $65 a month with Comcast, bundling my services.  I called and canceled my AT & T service.

And then I got my bill.  At & T actually charged me $165 for canceling service. They said we had a “verbal agreement” which they refused to produce for me.  I never would have agreed to a cancellation fee when I was still exploring options. I explained all this and got NOWHERE.  ARGGGHH.

As a thirty year small business owner, I certainly would not treat my clients the way I was treated. There was no flexibility, no opportunity to do anything else.

And what they don’t realize is that as a professional speaker, I encounter thousands of people in my audiences.  I love sharing great customer service stories.  And unfortunately, this is an example of a bad one.

When something like that happens to you, one of the best ways to deal with it is go work out.  Exerting your frustration on a punching bag or by running, biking, swimming or some other physical outlet makes you feel better.  You’re doing something good for yourself and releasing the negativity of the experience.

How about you?  Ever had a bad experience with your telephone or Internet provider?Email me at  I look forward to hearing from you.


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