Laughing Your Way Out of Stress

"Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors." Norman Cousins

Laughter and Laughing to relieve stress in a business meeting
At his recent birthday party, my husband was on painkillers for his back issues.  While playing a game similar to Charades, he moved in such slow motion that it totally tickled me.  I burst out laughing and had tears streaming down my face.  I laughed hard for a good 5 minutes and everyone around me laughed.  It released so much stress!  And there's a good reason for that.  Laughter is healing on so many levels. A study showed that one good belly laugh is worth 45 minutes of stress relief!

Laughter Reduces Pain

A new study by Clarkson University in  New York examined patients with the chronic pain condition Fibromyalgia.  Those who find humor in everyday situations are much more likely to have a positive state of mind and less pain.  The University of Maryland Medical Center shows that a good hearty laugh jogs your internal organs, gives your body a workout and reduces pressure.  Laughter also improves your immune system function by increasing
the level of infection-fighting T-cells.

How to Increase Your Laughter

• Listen to Comedy  Have a long commute?  Turn on satellite radio's comedy channels and laugh your way to work.  I did this in traffic for years and it made all the difference. Or pop in a CD from your favorite comic.
 Lighten Up We all have a tendency to take ourselves very seriously, and really, there is such much to laugh about.  Some situations are inherently funny and some can be viewed that way later.  As a wise man once said, "If it's going to be funny later. you might as well laugh about it now."
• Watch funny videos  There's a reason those animal videos are so entertaining- they make you laugh.  Funny movies can do the same thing.
• Encourage laughter in meetings  Start with a positive and then tell a funny story that is not offensive to anyone.  Laughter sets a tone and communicates subtly "We're going to have a good time here."  The healthiest organizations encourage laughter and stress relievers.  Promote that in your organization.
Try to consciously insert more laughter into your life.  I guarantee it will make you feel better.

Celebrating Our Tribe

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