What You Focus On You Create

Choose Wisely

From Stress Express, image of messy home office

Energy follows thought so you really want to be careful where you put your thoughts.  If you are worried about paying bills and all you see in front of you is a mess and a stack of bills like those shown here, it’s hard to focus on anything else.  And the problem with that is you attract more of the same.

Instead, clear off your desk, put the clutter away, put the bills in a file and focus on what you are grateful for.  Focus on your health, your friends and family, your loved ones, your home, your pets. your gifts and talents.  Put your attention on WHAT YOU WANT.  Create a dream collage and imagine yourself living in better circumstances, being happy and able to pay your bills with ease.  Shift out of the negative into the positive and then take action accordingly.  It can make a huge difference in your life.


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