The Power of Inspiration

What or Who Inspires You?

Inspiration is an amazing thing.  It can lead terrified soldiers into battle, spur on great action in times of duress, and move mountains of prejudice and negativity.

One of the the greatest sources of inspiration in my life has been Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   I had the privilege of attending an event in his honor in 1999, where a symposium on reconciliation and peace was being held in Atlanta.  There I met and was moved by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, his lovely wife Leah, and John Hume of Northern Ireland.  Coretta Scott King and Andrew Young were also there.  It was one of the most powerful events of my life, because all of these people were dedicated to peace.  They had every reason to hate,  resent,  turn against, and yet they shared incredible compassion, forgiveness and love.  Dr. King would have been proud to be honored in such a way.  They all inspired me to do more to create peace and love in my world, through understanding and forgiveness.  Who and what inspires you?

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