Cut Your Stress by Eliminating Clutter

Are you aware that every pile of clutter in your office or home is sapping your energy?  Every book you have not finished reading, every article you not have finished, every corner of clutter registers inside as an incomplete.

These incompletions drain you and your energy, which could be better used on highMan overwhelmed by clutter- he needs Stress Express results tasks.

There are several books on the market which can help.  Julie Morgenstern and I shared the platform in  NY, and her bestselling book Organizing From the Inside Out is a great place to start.

For the future, create file folders every time you pull an article, label it and file it away in a reference file cabinet.

Go through your mail just once and create a reading file.  Take that file with you on airplanes and throw out what you don’t want.

Give clothes you haven’t worn in a year to Good Will or Dress for Success.  We have a garage section at the recycling center where we can take good items we no longer have a need for. I’ve donated old rugs, chairs, lamps, etc. and within 5 minutes, someone else has taken it for themselves.

Free up the space around you and you will find your mind is freer to handle all your important business matters.

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