Are You Badmouthing Yourself?

Stop Judging and Criticizing Yourself

Stressed out Woman from Fired Up! and Stress ExpressOne of the most destructive habits so many of us have is judging ourselves when we make a mistake and badmouthing ourselves. It’s been said we have between 40,000 and 50,000 thoughts a day and that 75-85% of those thoughts are negative.  Everyone has some kind of voice that tries to hold them back. Replace that voice with positive self-talk and take action anyway, no matter what the negative voice says. When you catch yourself berating yourself, say “Stop” or “Deflect” and replace it with a positive thought or statement about yourself.  Recall past successes, times when you felt valued and appreciated, were effective at work.  Focus on those good thoughts and drown out the old judgmental voices, whether yours or from your childhood.  You can overcome anything and be as successful as you choose.
” To discover your potential, reject the negative programming
all of us are exposed to.

Robert Schuller

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