Are You a Success in Your Own Eyes?

Only You Can Define Success

Holding the hand of another
Not long ago, I lunched with an extraordinary young woman.  We chatted about her internship at a battered women’s shelter. The experience had such a profound impact upon her that she’s going to become a social worker. She questioned me about my life and the decisions Id made.  She knew my parents had been alcoholics and that had substantially influenced my life choices.
My recommendation to her was to define success on her own terms and do what was truly meaningful to her. The families she had helped would never forget her acts of kindness. They meant more than any accolade, award or degree. The same is true of all those volunteers who are helping anywhere in the world, or just down the street.
In the final analysis, your life will not be measured by how high on the ladder you climbed, how much money you made, or how much you achieved.  It will be measured by the lives you touched, the kindness you extended, the generosity of your heart.
You are a success, just by being who you are.  Never forget that.

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