Are Your Emails Alienating People?

Do Your Emails Come Across as Rude?

Apparently, how you start and end your emails makes a big difference.  You may think that sending a quick, curt response without saying Hello or Thank You is the best way to work.  But that’s not true.

Data scientists at Boomerang reviewed some 350,000 emails and found that tone in emails has a big impact on whether the recipient responds.

Here are the takeaways on sending emails:

Start with a friendly, informal tone, and always say “Hello, Hey or Hi.”  They get a 15% greater response rate than “Dear.” Surprisingly, “Hey” is the most effective!

End your emails with some kind of gratitude, like thanks, thank you, or In appreciation.  Using “Best” is the worst way to end an email (Woops- I’ve been guilty of this.)

Be very careful with CC’s and group emails.  Nothing irritates people more than seeing everyone’s trivial response to a non-essential email.

Try not to be too brief.  Always include something warm and friendly.  Something like, “Hi Bill, I understand. Thanks,” is more effective than “Got it” which may come across as sarcastic, according to Travis Bradberry.

Avoid using Urgent or ASAP unless you’ve called them and not been able to reach them. Instead of using those words, say why it is urgent in your subject line: Ex: “Critical deadline for ad is at noon.  Please respond ASAP.”

Never use email to berate someone in an email.  If you file a customer complaint, be specific and accurate.  Use positive language and suggest alternatives that will assist, not condemn them other person. “It would have been helpful if…”  “A good customer service agent does…”  If you are correcting am employee, talk to them in person.

You can make all your emails more successful and effective with these tips.  And if you have found something else that works especially well, please write me at



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