Conscious Acts of Kindness

Holding the hand of anotherA great many studies including one on 2000 people found that being kind to others decreases stress and enhances mental health.  Pick one day this week and choose to deliberately commit 5 separate acts of kindness.  These should be chosen and intentional acts, but they do not need to be big things.  Something as simple as paying the tokens for the people behind you in the toll booth or paying for the next person’s coffee, or taking a muffin to 5 different people in your office- all of those would be great conscious acts of kindness which impact others and most importantly, make you feel happier.
Other examples:
• make a pie for a neighbor who has been shut-in
• pick up extra groceries for a lonely person
• bring doughnuts or bagels to work
• send flowers for no reason
• feed a homeless animal
• clean out your closets and donate to the homeless
Any step you take to share from the heart will make you happier.