A Good Customer Service Story

All it Takes is Kindness and Attention

Thank you notes keep employees Fired Up!

A few weeks ago, between appointments, I ran into Dillards to return something and stopped by the Estee Lauder counter.  Surprisingly, I had a delightful time.  Karen greeted me warmly, inquired as to my needs and then went a step further. She got to know me. She observed I had bought some new suits, and I explained I was a professional speaker. We had a great conversation about stress, and she said, “Let me check your previous sales slip.” Seems I was entitled to a 10% discount that had not been taken by the other salesperson. She voided out everything, reentered it and saved me over $20 on a variety of purchases.  She took my name and contact info for future sales, and gave me a card.  It was a wonderful experience.  She demonstrated a personal interest, valued me, made my shopping more positive and memorable. That’s what I call customer service. How are you doing that for your customers?

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