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Life is about timing. " Carl Lewis

In his new book, When, Daniel Pink shares the results of analyzing nearly 700 studies in a variety of areas on timing, and the most effective timing to get things accomplished.  Our cognitive abilities change throughout the day, and impact our decision-making, our relationships, our receptivity to others and to new ideas.
What's the Best Timing for You?
By examining the research, Pink has come up with three basis types of people and their ideal timing.
Larks are early to bed and early to rise.
Owls are the opposite. They stay up late and sleep late.
Third Birds are somewhere inbetween.
Why does this matter?  Because most of us have peaks, troughs, and recovery.  I have experienced this myself, as I now perform best in the morning, tend to crash between 2-4, and then revive around 5-7.   (It's interesting to note that this has changed as I have aged.  I started my career as a night owl and wrote my first book between 10-2 pm.) The blessing of being an entrepreneur is I can schedule my day to take advantage of peak times and take breaks with walks, etc. in my trough time.
Why Does This Matter?
The research shows that you tend to make better decisions and be more receptive to others in your peak time.  You make wiser financial analyses and take better action steps during that time.  Your outlook is more positive and your energy and enthusiasm, (which are key to sales success) thrive during your peak.  Tackle your biggest challenges and most difficult talks during peak times, and take a break during your troughs. If you're in sales, approach prospects in the morning.  You will have a greater likelihood of success.

Most people have a clear idea of how they perform.  But if you're not, buy Pink's book.  He also has a test on line for you to clearly define your style. It's at

Plan your time according to your natural body rhythms and you can create more success in every area of your life. Happy tracking!
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