Set the Correct Tone For Every Meeting

Cheering women How You Start Your Day and Your Meetings Makes a Big Difference

No matter what is going on in your company and organization, highlight the positive.  Start every meeting and the first email of the day with a positive story, comment or statement of praise about someone in your organization.

It will set the tone for the whole day.  It will encourage others to look for the good.  This is in contrast to what most people do, which is focus first on the news, which is usually bad.

Here’s why that’s a dangerous mistake.

Research done by Michelle Gielan and Shawn Achor of the Happiness Advantage uncovered that just 3 minutes of negative news in the morning ups the odds of your having a bad day by 27%!

Give your team, your employees and co-workers good news in the morning and set their tone for success. You have the power to influence them for the good.

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