Start the Year Out Right

Acknowledge Your Achievements of 2013

It’s easy this time of year to begin planning resolutions, which 70% of people will not keep, and start thinking about what you would do

But before you even go down that path, it’s really
important to give yourself credit for all you have
achieved in the past year.

Take a few minutes alone or with a close friend and make a list of all that you accomplished in 2013.


personal goals or milestones: relationships healed, new friendships, forgiveness,
family growth and development, improvements with your partner or spouse

health and fitness, better eating choices, more exercise, getting off medications, handling that surgery that you needed, more flossing

professional goals around your career, job, money, awareness and growth, seminars and trainings you have taken

spiritual growth and personal development– books you have read, webinars and courses you have taken, participation in your church, inner work, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, etc.

any other area that is important to you– like play, joy, fun, relaxation, happiness, stress reduction, etc.

Review the list.  See how much you did.  Pat yourself on the back- you did a great job.  Let that really sink in.  It’s very important to acknowledge all the parts of ourselves that worked hard and achieved before you set new goal and make new plans. It’s part of the circle of completion, and it gives you new energy for your next steps.  Good work! On to 2014!



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