No More Excuses

Overwhelmed man with too much work from Stress ExpressNot long ago, I met a gentleman who was downtrodden and beleaguered. He explained to me all the reasons his business was not doing well and declared that he was just no good at that Internet stuff.  He also went on to say he had avoided a certain market because he was afraid what they might do.  He had all the perfect excuses for why he couldn’t succeed. I felt sorry for him and had compassion for him.  But ultimately, he made his own choices and he is now sitting in his discontent.

Excuses– we all make them and we all have them.  And ultimately, they mean nothing. NOTHING.  They are just rationalizations as to why we think we can’t do something.

In this man’s case, he could have taken courses to learn the Internet,  hired a college kid to do it for him, or used his own kids.  There are so many different ways he could overcome his fear of the Internet but instead, he just gave up.

Don’t give up.  And NO MORE EXCUSES!

You can overcome almost any challenge.  Ask for help. Take courses. Check and see if your assumptions are true.  Network with others in your field and learn how they handle these issues.  Just don’t sit around whining. Take action to overcome these challenges.

I once heard Christopher Reeves speak  after his debilitating accident.  He talked about control and how he had lost so much of it when he became paralyzed.  But then he realized the one area he could take control was how he treated his caregivers.

If someone like that can take control, take action and move forward, you can, too.


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