What If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

What Would You Do?

joy jump from Snowden McFall's happiness classToo often in our world, we limit ourselves, we stop ourselves from going for our dreams. But daydreaming about success and big dreams is powerful- it’s how some of our greatest inventions came about, and how software we use everyday was created.

As yourself this question: What would I do if I knew I could not fail? Really seriously consider it and allow yourself to visualize all the things you would do. Maybe you would start a foundation to help children, maybe you would create the next cure for cancer, maybe you would develop a new strategy for world peace.  You will never know until you try.


Be aware that these things can limit your thinking:

• our own negative beliefs: I can’t because (I don’t have a degree,  I don’t have enough money, etc etc.- all myths)
• our circle of friends is too small and too negative- whiners and complainers
• quitting on ourselves because we have made mistakes int he past

All truly successful people have failed, and failed often.  That’s why they succeed.
They learn from each failure and translate it into an opportunity.  They never
give up and neither should you.

Did you know?

Sandra Day O’Connor could not get a job as a lawyer when she graduated from law school in 1952. Instead, she chose to enter public service, and served as county deputy attorney before opening her own law firm.  In 1981 she became the first woman Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

When Henry Ford wanted to create the V-8 engine, he was told repeatedly that it was impossible. He sent his staff back to work and told them to stay on the job until they did what he asked. After a year, there was no success. He told them to keep at it. He knew persistence would pay off. Eventually they did it and the V-8 became a huge success. It helped Ford and his motor company outstrip the competition and take the lead in the automotive market. He refused to believe “It’s impossible.”

It’s now your turn.  Spend some time dreaming and visualizing what you would do.  You could make a huge difference in the world!


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