Add “New” to Fire Up! Your Life

Keep Your Life Fresh by Trying New Things

Brendon Burchard in his new book The Charge has some great suggestions about staying Fired Up!  Something you may not have thought of is trying new things.  The brain is hardwired for novelty and challenge and needs to be engaged to keep thriving.  Here are a few ways to incorporate new into your life:
• 90 day getaway – every 90 days go away and explore someplace you have not been, doing new activities. It does not have to be expensive- it just needs to be different.
• Restaurant tour; explore restaurants you have never visited, try different kinds of food

• Spend time with new people – go to different networking or social events and broaden your circle. 
• Develop new skillsets – my husband and I just installed a new glass tile backsplash in our kitchen.  It was challenging but fun, and we love the results.

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