Take Responsibility for Your Energy

Like many people, I recorded the finale of the Oprah Winfrey show. Rather than have guests, she gave us a keynote speech filled with incredible wisdom.  I've shared some of those nuggets below with suggestions for how you can implement them at work.  One of my favorites is "Luck is when opportunity meets preparation." How can you prepare for that window of opportunity in your life?
Oprah has inspired millions for decades, and yet managed to make each one of us feel like we mattered to her.  Quite a feat, quite a remarkable woman

What Energy are You Sending Out?

Oprah's also shared about brain specialist Jill Taylor, the author of My Stroke of Insight.  This compelling book chronicles her journey from massive stroke to full recovery. 
I read it recently when my father had a stroke and it gave me great insight.  Jill said "Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into my space." Doctors who treated her as though she wasn't there discouraged her; those who looked her in the eye and encouraged her made a world of difference.
So the question is, what kind of energy do you bring into the space of others?  It is upbeat, confident, compassionate, or is it critical, impatient, demanding?  Think about how you can make a difference in the energy you carry.  Also consider what energy comes into your life from others; you may want to limit your exposure to negative
people who complain and disparage others.
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