Reduce Stress with the 5 minute Rule

Clock from Stress ExpressAs I speak around the country to CEO's, leaders and managers, I am often asked what quick things can be done to reduce stress.  One of my favorites is the 5 minute rule.

As you look around your workspace, what could you handle in 5 minutes or less?  Could you clean off your desk, write an important thank you note, file essential papers, wash out a coffee cup?  Any of those things would give you an immediate sense of completion.

The brain craves completion.  Whenever you have thought and you don't take action in it, you have incompletion.  This drives parts of your brain crazy.  If your whole office is a mass of piles and incompletions, you will never want to go in there.  If you wake up at night thinking of all the things you did not do, this could be the reason.

Solution:  whenever you have a thought and you can take action on it in 5 minutes or less, do it.  You'll reduce your stress and be far more productive.

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