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We’ve all heard a motivational speaker  that gets you pumped up one day but leaves you deflated the next.  That’s not what you get with Fired Up! keynote speaking.

That’s not what you get with Fired Up! keynote speeches.  Snowden’s presentations are highly practical, with tangible tips and tools and results.  At a recent Fired Up! presentation, employees shared that they were burnt-out, overwhelmed, depressed and feeling like they were failing at their jobs.  Senior management was concerned about their poor productivity, low morale and inferior customer service.

At the end of the presentation, they came up to Snowden and shared: “Now I have hope again, I feel like I can not only handle the job, but I can be successful.” “I feel so much better; I now know what I need to  do to take care of myself at work.” ” I realize I am not the reason for others’ negativity but I can help reverse it.” ” I can be a better listener and a better manager. Thank you for showing me how.” “I realize now that taking care of me will help me overcome the challenges at work and be more effective.”

These Statistics May Shock You

Your employees, association members, and co-workers are all facing significant challenges, at work and at home.
• Stress costs business & industry $300 billion annually in lost productivity
• 70% of American workers are disengaged- which means they are not effective at work
• 80% of American workers say they are burnt-out
• 275 million workdays a year are lost due to stress.

Improve Morale, Reduce Stress & Improve Productivity

Give them practical hands-on tools and Fire them Up! with powerful success strategies and meaningful stories from motivational speaker, consultant and 5 time author Snowden McFall.  Audiences rave about her high impact custom keynote speeches and results-oriented approach.  They love her immediately applicable tips, and her authentic ability to relate to their needs.  People use her researched-backed stress and success tips and tools over and over again to stay Fired Up! and improve productivity.

Snowden McFall Professional Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach

Success, Stress Relief, Entrepreneurship Solutions & Women’s Empowerment

“Snowden, you did a wonderful job…from the in-depth nature of the material… you obviously tailored the entire program to our needs…. Excellent.” H.M., Pfizer

You came highly recommended as a top-notch keynote speaker who could inspire, uplift and educate our association members and you more than fulfilled that.  Your … presentation has a strong, positive impact on our members and truly Fired them Up!… they loved the practicality of the stress tips….Snowden, your professionalism, sincerity, and expertise were all evident in the 3 days you spent with us.” CK,  Healthcare Financial Management Association- GA

“Your Fired Up! presentation ideally suited our needs. Your innovative, interactive style, meaningful {strategies} and thought-provoking activities renewed and energized our team….Snowden, your presentation was highly positive, refreshing and effective.” LB, Vistakon Pharmaceuticals

You were absolutely the perfect keynoter for our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event.  Your combination of heart-warming stories, significant data and genuine gratitude deeply moved the attendees…You are a tremendous resource to non-profits, for both your exceptional speaking ability and extraordinary depth of consulting and coaching services.” L.D., CEO, Community Connections

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About Snowden McFall

Snowden McFall delights audiences with her motivational speechesSnowden is a 20+ year professional  speaker &  author of 5 books including Fired Up!, which has sold 65,000+ copies worldwide, and Stress Express!  15 Instant Stress Relievers.
Known as both a motivational speaker and stress expert, Snowden is highly practical and delivers powerful current content your audiences can use NOW. Honored at the White House for her non-profit work, Snowden is best known for her immediately applicable content, funny, warm interactive style and authenticity. Her poignant stories touch hearts and teach key lessons, while inspiring your people to take action.  Snowden gives them fresh, lasting techniques to stay Fired Up!, be effective at work,  and reduce stress long after the presentation is over.

Snowden has Fired Up! thousands of professionals around the United States and can do the same for your people. She will reignite their fire if they are burnt-out, or fire up an already successful group to be even greater. Contact her at 904-940-7355 or email

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