Is Lack of Trust Costing You Business?

“Lack of trust is your biggest business expense.” David Horsager

“Trust, Not Money, is the Currency of Business and Life”

lack of trust creates stressThink about it.  What products do you buy consistently?  Why?  Because you trust that they will deliver their promise every time.  And what happens when they don’t?  You change products and they lose your business.  The same is true for everything in your life.  When someone you respect breaks agreements with you, you no longer trust them.

Growing your trust edge is one of the best ways to get more business, grow your clientele, and improve your life.  So how do you do that?

In his book, the Trust Edge, David Horsager describes 8 qualities of trustworthiness, all of which can be developed and honed.  These include:

Clarity- people trust the clear and mistrust the ambiguous

Compassion– people trust those who demonstrate caring for others

Character– people value those who do the right thing rather than the easy thing

Competency – people have confidence in those who stay current and knowledgeable in their industry

Commitment– people believe in those who are reliable and steadfast through adversity

Connection– people want to follow and do business with those they like and have a relationship with

Contribution– people want to work with those who get results

Consistency– people love to see small things done consistently; it builds trust.

As you work on growing your business, spend time thinking about how you can develop each of these qualities, both in yourself and in your culture.  The way you train your employees in how they deliver goods and services can make a huge difference.  Do they meet their deadlines consistently?  Do they treat others well with compassion and caring?  Do they have clarity about exactly what they’re supposed to do for whom by when? Do they know what they’re doing?  All of these qualities are key to building trust internally and externally. You can cultivate greater trust in your organization and it will pay off in countless ways.

“Trust multiplies influence and impact.” David Horsager

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