Fire Up Your Marketing with Genuine Testimonials

 Use Longer, Meaningful Testimonials for Impact

We’ve all seen the phony sounding TV commercials with hackneyed phrases that don’t ring true. That is not good advertising. It turns us off. What is highly effective is the use of authentic customer testimonials which are highly specific about the value received.

At Brightwork, my ad agency,  we regularly call our clients’ customers to ask them the right questions to ascertain this value.  That often will yield powerfulmarketing information that the client was not even aware of.   Then we get written permission from the customer to use the testimonial in all marketing for the client, noting that no compensation will be provided for this usage.  That legal document can be important. Real testimonial quotes like these can make a substantive difference in your Internet presence, brochures, direct mailers and websites.

Consider this one, for example:

Fired Up sales person“I’ve worked with a dozen realtors and Sue Bird is by far the best.  She constantly stayed on top of every detail in our deal… She saw the entire transaction through from start to finish…even staying in touch after the sale tobe sure I was satisfied.  In a day when incompetence is rampant, Sue is refreshing.  Her confidence and knowledge made me feel comfortable.  She has great expertise and I will definitely use her again.” Dan O’Brien

Some people think short one liner testimonials are better- such as ‘Sue did a great job.”  I disagree.  Meaningful testimonials which speak to value received are much more powerful.  Consider this with your marketing- and here’s a tip- have someone else interview your clients.  It’s difficultto do this effectively for yourself.


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