Igniting Your Promotion- What You Can Do

5:15 Can Make All the Difference

In an article in Fortune Small Business, FSB, Pat Croce shared a clever way to stay on top of his employees’ progress, concerns and successes. Every Friday, all employees and managers write a progress report that lands on the desk or in the email of their supervisor. Eventually, all of the critical info gets to the CEO in an abbreviated version. It takes 5 minutes for the supervisor to read and 15 for the employee to write.

Shaking handsWhat Croce does next is the important part. By the next Monday, he has responded to specific questions and concerns via email or in box. He has given out praise and made notes on future issues.

By learning what his staff is doing on all levels, he has a pulse on all aspects of his business  He also has received great information for future performance reviews.

I remember once hearing about a woman who turned in weekly progress reports to her boss. She was continually promoted- not because she was so much better than others, but because her boss KNEW what she was doing.

What systems are in place for your people to communicate with you? Does your boss (or board of directors) know what progress you made this week? People can only congratulate you and support you when they know what you are achieving.  Take the time to let them know and your career can accelerate.


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