Is Your Job Worth Your Life?

Is the Stress of Your Job Killing You?

Screaming man who is very stressed out80% of Americans are burnt-out and stress costs business $300 billion a year in missed work, low productivity and illness. For you, the key question is, “Is your job killing you?”  If you are seriously considering the answer to that question, here’s what you can do.
• Take time off immediately.  Go away, even if it means staying with a friend.  Use the week or so to reflect on your life and heal yourself.  You need downtime, badly, before you get sick.
 Get real about what you need in a job.  Be flexible.  What are your top 3 requirements?  That extra $15K a year may not be worth the extra 20 hours you have to work. Choose quality of life over money.
• Network like crazy.  Today’s jobs are found through personal 
relationships.  Get out there, clean up your resume with your strengths and successes clearly listed.  DO NOT complain about your current job.  Just say you’re ready for the next oppportunity.

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