Sales Tip: Overcome Objections by Leading with Them

Take a Tip from PR Specialists

Fired Up presenterIf you’ve ever watched a scandal unfold, you’ve seen how well or poorly it can be handled.  Most PR professionals believe in breaking an imminent story first, so that they can control the message and lead with the truth.  That’s good advice for sales as well.

If you know there is an obvious question or objection to your product or service,
after you have carefully listened to your prospects needs and concerns, control your message by overcoming any objections up front.  Lead with them, show why they are not true and give real case studies that back up what you say. Be relaxed and confident about any objections, not defensive or reactive.  That’s a position of strength and integrity, which positions you well versus your competition.

Take the time to truly study your competition, know your strengths and weaknesses and anticipate any possible objections. Overcome them with courage and data; it will serve you well.

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