Buy Stock Photos? Don’t Make this Mistake

Buyer Beware

dreamstime_s_43391176I’ve been buying stock photos for over two decades, back when one photo might cost $1000 to use.  Nowadays, most people buy from royalty-free stock photo houses, and I have also been doing that for years.  As an author, I understand intellectual property rights and protecting artists, photographers,writers, etc. I know how it feels to be ripped off, as some stole 1/2 of one of my newsletters and inserted into their blog. (Try

So imagine my surprise to get a nasty email from a lawyer saying I owed over $600 for a photo I had used on my blog 5 YEARS AGO!!! I was shocked, called them immediately, and apparently one of the photos was not in fact royalty-free, but rather rights-protected.

I then went back to all the sites where I had bought photos searching for that one.  Hundreds and hundreds of photos. Could not find the purchase date or license agreement. In fact, some of the photos I bought years ago were not even there any more. There was no way around it- I owed the money. Yikes!!!

Here’s What I Learned:

• Every time I now buy a photo, I print out the photo picture and licensing agreement number and I keep it in my business records.

• At the end of each post of newsletter, I put which company I got the photo from.  The one above is © Iluzia | – One Hundred Dollars Photo

• Whenever possible, use your own photos and copyright them.

• Do not repost photos from Facebook®- you do not know where they came from.

Don’t get caught with an expensive bill. Protect yourself!


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© Iluzia | – One Hundred Dollars Photo