2 Ways to Increase Your Influence

Burchard bookYou Can Have Greater Influence on Others

Brendon Burchard, in his excellent new book, High Performance Habits, shares some excellent tips on how to increase your influence.

  1. Teach people how to think. When you are working with others, whether in a team, on a committee, or your employees, ask compelling questions which make others think.  Some might include:
    “What do you think about…?”
    “What would happen if we tried…?”
    “How should we approach?”
    “What ideas do you have about..?”
    Get others thinking and contributing. Listen to their feedback and don’t shut them down. You influence them by thanking them and considering what they have said.  Do this more and more often at every meeting.  Let them know you expect new ideas and creative thinking from them.

2.  Challenge others to grow. Let them know you hold them to a higher standard.  Whether it’s your employees, family members or friends, ask them what their next steps are, how they can get better at what they’re doing, how they can treat others better, how they can improve.  Let them know you believe in them and that their excellence inspires them.

You have an impact on others.  You have the opportunity to influence others more than you know  By encouraging their thinking, their growth and their ideas, you influence and empower others.

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