The Power of Hope

Transform Your Life with Hope

Making Hope Happen- blog by Snowden McFall, stress speaker
 “Hope matters. Hope is a choice,  Hope can be learned. Hope can be shared with others.” Shane Lopez, Psychologist

The author of this book, Dr. Shane Lopez,  is a leading researcher on hope, and a Gallup Senior Scientist. He believes strongly in the power of hope, as he personally recovered from West Nile Virus and almost died. The hope his wife instilled in him during his illness is what led to his recovery during extreme pain. She continually described wonderful places they would travel, great vacations they would take, and the impact they would have on others.  It worked- he recovered and they visited all those places.

“How we think about the future-how we hope- determines how well we live our lives,” he says.

Hope is much more than optimism. Shane says optimism is an attitude, while hope is belief plus action. Hopeful students achieve higher grades than students with the same IQ but less hope. Workers with hope are more productive by an hour a day, than their non-hopeful co-workers.

Hope is linked directly to a sense of meaning in life, which we know from Harvard research is directly tied to human happiness.

What do you want to hope for in 2014? How will you tie the belief that you can succeed to positive action?  What is your fondest hope?

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