Break Free of Your Comfort Zone and Create More Success

We all get  into our comfort zone from time to time and just sort of coast on life.  There’s no ripples, no changes, and after a while, it can become pretty boring.

That’s where breaking out of your comfort zone can be so liberating.

Have you ever tried something way out of your self-perception, something scary and intimidating, but despite the self-doubt, you did it anyway? Do you remember your heart beating fast, the adrenaline rush and the exhiliration when it was over? Congratulations-  you broke through your comfort zone and expanded your limits.  This is such a necessary skill for personal growth and for dealing with stress.

One of the scariest and most memorable moments in my life was when I walked on hot coals during a firewalk. We had discussed fear for 4 hours. When I took that first step in my bare feet, I felt heat and then I relaxed into it. When I camFired Up! flamee off the long strip of coals, miraculously, my feet were not burnt at all…I had walked on fire and survived!
That experience was a turning point in my life.  It is a reference point of going beyond my preconceived notions of my capabilities.

Every time I get scared now by a new challenge, I can look back on that firewalk and think- “You’ve got this.”

What about you- what have you done that challenges you?

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