Are Entrepreneurs Optimists?

busman victoryLRLoving What You Do Makes
All the Difference

A new report from Gallup shows that
entrepreneurs are more optimistic
about the future than regular workers.
They also have somewhat more stress and
worry than non self-employed people.
But unquestionably , their optimism
wins out.  30% of those inthe study
imagine they will enjoy “their best
possible life” in 5 years.
Only 25% of workers felt that way.

Part of the reason for entrepreneurial optimism and positive expectancy is that they
love what they do. Going to work every day to do some.thing they are excited about
makes all the difference. Also entrepreneurs are constantly learning and growing,
key components for happiness.

Optimists also sell 56% more than pessimists and live 7 years longer, according to
a Yale University study.

Isn’t time you started thinking more positively? Optimism is a 75% learned trait, so
in every situation, start looking at the bright side.  What can you learn from the situation? What good connections, contacts, opportunities arose?


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Think Like an Entrepreneur- Whether You Are One or Not

Use Entrepreneurial Thinking to Excel at Your Job

Cheering womenMany of my speaking / consulting clients are corporations, medical associations and non-profits.  Sometimes the employees feel a sense of powerlessness with all the red tape and bureaucracy.  According to the book Drive, humans have an essential need for autonomy, control over their work and their destinies.  A great way to gain control in your job is to assume authority over a problem and come up with a new solution. Creatively brainstorm and solve it as if it were your own business.  Then go to your superior with a clearly mapped out plan of action in writing. Most managers will applaud your ingenuity and initiative, and you will feel better, with more control over your work. Plus you may have remedied an expensive and stressful problem.

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Take Excellent Care of Your Customers

Shaking handsOne of the most important dimensions of any marketing plan should be customer retention. The best way to keep your business healthy is to take excellent care of your existing customers.

Even if the primary work you have done for them has been completed, check in regularly- at least once every 4-6 weeks.  Educate your customers, send them articles, post information on your website, send out ezines. Have lunch when you can.  Send them greeting cards.

A personal touch means so much.

Let them know you value you them. Always thank them for referrals- write handwritten notes and let them know how much you appreciate their business.

Never, ever, take them for granted.


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