Your Favorite Activities Are Clues About Your Dreams

What Do You Do For Fun?

One of the best ways to learn about your dreams is to consider what you love doing. It’s amazing the kind of information you can discover about yourself when you take a few minutes to list your favorite activities and how often you do them . If you want to have some fun and learn more about yourself, take ten minutes now to do  complete the list called “My Favorite Activities.”

Make a list from 1-5 . On the left put down your favorite activities and on the right put down how long it’s been since you did it, the cost of it.

1. go to beach                          yesterday                 free
2. comedy club                       2 months                 $20
3. girlfriend time                   2 weeks                    free 

Most people discover that what they love to do is free, and can be scheduled at the last minute.  Good to know, hum?

People who are the happiest and most at peace in their lives regularly schedule what they enjoy doing. They spend more of their time being “Fired Up!” and that joy shines through all areas of their lives. They have acknowledged their goals and dreams and are doing whatever it takes to accomplish them.

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What You Focus On You Create

Choose Wisely

From Stress Express, image of messy home office

Energy follows thought so you really want to be careful where you put your thoughts.  If you are worried about paying bills and all you see in front of you is a mess and a stack of bills like those shown here, it’s hard to focus on anything else.  And the problem with that is you attract more of the same.

Instead, clear off your desk, put the clutter away, put the bills in a file and focus on what you are grateful for.  Focus on your health, your friends and family, your loved ones, your home, your pets. your gifts and talents.  Put your attention on WHAT YOU WANT.  Create a dream collage and imagine yourself living in better circumstances, being happy and able to pay your bills with ease.  Shift out of the negative into the positive and then take action accordingly.  It can make a huge difference in your life.


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Stay Fired Up By doing What Inspires You!

Jumping for JoyWhat gets you excited about life? What inspires you, motivates you, touches your heart? Is it an incredible live performance of your child’s band or your niece’s dance recital? Is it reading an uplifting story of how someone overcame their horrible circumstances or watching a movie of how an underdog triumphed over all the obstacles? Is it training for a marathon and successfully completing it? Or starting a business you KNOW will help people and add value to their lives.

Think back to times when you have been truly Fired Up! about your life! You were so passionate and excited about what you were doing that you overlooked the challenges, ignored the stress, bounded over the hurdles and went for your dreams. Remember how fantastic that felt. Relive the experience of truly GOING FOR IT- whatever it was. That fire inside you fueled all your actions, made your decisions easy. There was no wavering or hesitation; you had a goal that was vitally important, life-affirming, perhaps even life-changing. Recall how truly powerful you felt and how enthusiastic you were about your goal. Nothing could stop you. And no matter what the outcome, you felt great about yourself because you went for it. You put in the time and discipline, took massive action and did what you needed to, all because you were fired up!

That is what this new blog is all about. It’s about how to get and stay Fired Up!, and how to reignite the fire when you get burnt-out. As the author and co-author of five books including Fired Up! (my new book on stress is due out by June 2010,) I am passionate about helping others do what they love and make a positive difference in the world.

That means looking at business and what helps others grow their businesses and what can slow them down. It means tuning into your dreams, passions and stuck spots and answering your questions. It also means going to the next level, because when we stretch ourselves and go beyond our box of self-limitation, miracles can happen.

So what about you? What fires you up? What brings you joy and what excites you about life? It’s time to find out!